Specialty Lighting



Rope Lighting

Intelligent Lighting Neon

Incandescent - 120V - 13mm
Clear-150' 2 accessory packs
Colors 300' 4 accessory packs
LED - 120V - 13mm
150' 3 accessory packs

LED Strobe Light

Intelligent Lighting Strobe Light

Cool White
Candelabra Base

Rope Lighting Colors Available

Warm White - Cool White - Green - Purple - Blue - Pink - Orange - Yellow - Red

LED Icicle Lighting

Intelligent Lighting LED Icicles

Individual icicle bulbs screw into light cord sockets. Each steady burn bulb contains 7 LED diodes. Cascading Icicle bulbs contain 8 LEDS (5" length) and 16 LEDS (7" & 9" length) to create a moving effect.

Snowfall Tubes

Intelligent Lighting Specialty Snowfall Tubes
Create Snowfall Effect. No Transformers needed.
Each set contains: Five (5) 36" tubes spaced 6' a part - 16 gauge cord set with end connector

Colors Available

Warm White - Cool White - Blue - Red - Amber - Green

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