Bella Anti-Stick Wrap and Paint

Bella Anti-Stick Wrap and Paint

Vertical Litter™ Prevention Specialists

Preserve your community's historic and decorative poles and more
with our adhesive resistant, street branding solutions!

Bella Anti-Stick Wrap - Street Pole

Adhesive Resistant Wraps and Paint
Bella Anti-Stick Wrap and Paint are the only Vertical Litter™ management solutions for streetscape beautification for any size and type of street asset structure (Poles, utility/telecom boxes, garbage bins, postal boxes, etc.).

Branding Traffic Signs and Poles
We’ll color match historic and decorative poles in your community to further prevent against Vertical Litter.™ Our municipal customers use a common gray paint color to stop the flyer and sticker assaults in your downtown.

Simple To Implement and Install
A quick measure of your poles and a graphic design is about all we need. Our trained technicians will install for you! It’s that simple.


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Bella Anti-stick Paint - Street Pole Before and After
Bella Anti-stick Wrap - Service Box
Bella Anti-stick Wrap - Service Box
Bella Anti-stick Wrap - Street Pole

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