Pole Mount Displays

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Pole Mount Displays

Presidential Snowflake

Lamppost Snowflake Presidential

P-700 - 6' - 114 C7 lamps
P-699 - 5' - 108 C7 lamps
P-698 - 4' - 96 C7 lamps

Diamond Snowflake

Lamppost Snowflake Diamond

PWW-524-6'-84 C7 lamps
PWW-525-5'-66 C7 lamps
PWW-526-4'- 56 C7 lamps
PWW-527-3'- 30 C7 lamps

Winterfest Snowflake

Lamppost Snowflake Winterfest

PWW-529-6'-108 C7 lamps
PWW-530-5'-93 C7 lamps
PWW-531-4'- 78 C7 lamps
PWW-532-3'- 54 C7 lamps

Spiral Snowflake

Lamppost Snowflake Spiral

PWW-534-6'-144 C7 lamps
PWW-535-5'-114 C7 lamps
PWW-536-4'-102 C7 lamps
PWW-537-3'- 60 C7 lamps

Silhouette Snowflake

Lamppost Snowflake Silhouette

P-655-6'-90 C7 lamps
P-654-5'-84 C7 lamps
P-653-4'-72 C7 lamps
P-652-3'-54 C7 lamps

Heavenly Angel

Lamppost Heavenly Angel

PSA-600 - 8'

Holly Candle

Lamppost Holly Candle

PMCT-77 - 7'


Lamppost Bells

PMCT-76 - 6'

Star Spray

Lamppost Star Spray

P-709 - 7 1/2'


Lamppost Poinsettia

PCMT-72 - 5' X 7 1/2'

Candle Wreath

Lamppost Candle Wreath

P-332 - 4 1/2'


Lamppost Stocking

P-235 - 8'

Candy Cane

Lamppost Candy Cane

P-181 - 6'

Poinsettia with Stem

Lamppost Poinsettia with Stem

P-231 - 7 1/2'


Lamppost Z-Tree

P-121 - 7 1/2'

Wreath with Bow

Lamppost Wreath Bow

P-331 - 4 1/2'

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