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Twinkly PROTM Light System

Rileighs TwinklyPRO - Custom Light Display System
Rileighs TwinklyPRO Light System iPhone Application

Our Products:

  • Twinkly PROTM Light Curtains
    • Includes ...
      • 1 set of lights (250 bulbs)
      • WiFi Controller
      • Splitter
  • Twinkly PROTM Light Strings
    • Includes ...
      • 2 set of lights (250 bulbs)
      • WiFi Controller
      • Splitter

The Twinkly PROTM Light System lets you decorate like a boss!

Twinkly PROTM is a light display solution comprised of smart, addressable LEDs and a connected mobile phone application, to create professional lighting decorations that save you time and money!

  • Retrofit Christmas trees, gardens and landscaping
  • FREE mobile lighting control
  • WiFi/Bluetooth/Ethernet compatible
  • Automatic LED light mapping
  • Upload effects - including your own logo
  • Sync multiple devices to music and sounds
  • 16.8 million color variations
Rileighs TwinklyPRO Light System Features

See the Twinkly PROTM Light System in action!

Contact a Rileighs Smart Lighting consultant to create a fully customizable holiday light show!

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